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The Touch


What is the Moroccan Touch ?
It is a touch of history: where ancestral craftsmanship meets contemporary fashion freedom
It is a touch of refinement: from the precious embroideries to the details that can only be achieved by hand 
It is a touch of subtlety: pieces of art that free women, all while respecting their culture, traditions, and sense of self 
It is a touch of ease: ready-to-wear garments that one can enjoy anywhere, anytime — true dematocratization of tradition Moroccan fashion that was otherwise reserved for special occasions



Who we are    

Our story begins first and foremost in a unique mother-daughter bond, between Hanane and her two daughters, Kenza and Ghita, all united through a shared passion for creativity.

  It all began in 2009, when Hanane had the idea to reinvent the codes of traditional Moroccan fashion. The concept: unite artisans to each give a touch of originality and finesse to contemporary fashion pieces. 

  After opening multiple stores across Morocco, these three women soon realize that the reinvention of craft is appreciated beyond their homeland, and the brand is meant to travel the world. The Moroccan Touch atelier is now in the heart of Sidi Ghanem, Marrakech, a melting pot for creativity, where teams of artists collaborate to create unique pieces and timeless collections for women around the world.