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Know how & inspiration


The uniqueness of the brand comes from the continuous reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship into modern and fashionable pieces. The designer gives a new breath to the techniques of handmade embroideries once only used for traditional kaftans.

Through the combination of its modern cuts, finishing touches and embroideries sourced from the Moroccan fashion heritage, the brand embodies the bohemian chic lifestyle. A wide range of timeless and comfortable pieces including kaftans, jumpsuits, dresses, capes, ponchos, kimonos, and beach tunics are offered throughout the year. 

A true fusion of styles, MoroccanTouch has taken a new direction in the fashion world. What the designer loves the most is the Morocco that inspired the most renowned fashion designers and dressed the bohemian icons of the 1970’s. From its landscapes, to its architecture, arts and people, Morocco offers a myriad sources of inspiration, a glimpse of which can be seen in every design of the brand.